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Parent Feedback

"We can not begin to express how thankful we are for our son's time at Bennetto. The staff have honestly been such a gift in this season. It has been so clear that you have a team who so deeply care about each of these kiddos, and the impact that has been made on Lincoln's social, emotional and educational development will hold significance for years to come. I'm really sad that he will be saying goodbye to his friends and teachers that he knows and loves."

"The staff foster a great environment, we are confident that our daughter is in a safe and fun space. She loves her teachers and has an amazing bond with them."

"The teachers are amazing. They are positive and kind and provide an enriching environment. They are such an important part of their early years. "

"How loving, caring, compassionate, dedicated and beautiful they all are. We're beyond grateful and so very thankful for you."

"The staff are so patient and kind with our son while he's been learning and developing! They fill our his days with fun while learning new things each day."

"I'm thankful for the loving care and energy that all of the staff bring to their job."

"The staff taught my daughters so many new songs. They even toilet trained them! They need a raise!"

"The staff help shape my child's future. They are her teacher, friend and make us feel like we are part of the community."

"Thank you for helping me feel safe and loved while Mama and Dada are at work. I love playing with you!"

"Our daughter's development has really accelerated since starting at Jamesville Bennetto. We've seen huge jumps in her motor, verbal and social skills!"

The staff at jamesville Bennetto take such good care of my baby. They make him feel comfortable, safe and loved. "