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Program Statement

Jamesville Bennetto Early Learning & Child Care Centre is dedicated to supporting children’s development, learning, health and well-being through caring and responsive Registered Early Childhood Educators. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators at JCC and JBCC focus on active learning, exploration, play and inquiry. We see all children and their families as competent and able, and as active participants in all aspects of the program.

The Child Care and Early Years act, 2014 focuses on strengthening the child care programs, to increase the number of high quality experiences for our children. The CCEVA authorizes the Ministry of Education to issue policy statements regarding programming and pedagogy for the purpose of guiding Operators of Child Care and Early Years Programs.

How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s pedagogy for the Early Years (2014) is the document that we use as a support and guide. This document has a strong pedagogical focus, indicating that pedagogy is not a prescriptive formula that lays out a specific curriculum, but rather challenges the status quo and explores HOW learning happens for children.

How Does Learning Happen is divided into four foundational conditions that are considered essential to optimal learning and healthy development for children, they are as follows;

Belonging refers to a sense of connectedness to others, an individual’s experience of being valued, of forming relationships with others and making contributions as part of a group, a community and the natural world.

Well-Being addresses the importance of physical and mental health and wellness. It incorporates capacities such as self-care, sense of self and self-regulation skills.

Engagement suggests a state of being involved and focused. When children are able to explore the world around them with their natural curiosity and exuberance, they are fully engaged. Through this type of play and enquiry the children develop skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and innovating, which are essential for learning and success in school and beyond.

Expression or communication (to be heard as well as to listen) may take many different forms. Through their bodies, words, and use of materials, children develop capacities for increasingly complex communication. Opportunities to explore materials support creativity, problem solving, and mathematical behaviours. language- rich environments support growing communication skills, which are foundational for literacy.

To see our complete Program Statement that includes our goals and implementation please refer to our Parent Handbook